Sol Essentiel & Expert sampling protocol

➡️Within the defined sampling area, take 5 holes using an auger. The 5 holes can be drilled crosswise or diagonally (do not drill along the edge of the plot).

➡️For each hole, take a sample 30 cm deep, eliminating the superficial horizon (dead leaves, grass, etc.).

➡️Homogenize the 5 soundings in a bucket to obtain a single sample. Discard any coarse matter (stones, leaves, roots, snail shells, etc.). If these coarse elements make up a significant proportion of the sample, identify them and weigh them separately to assess their percentage. Note this percentage on the information sheet.

➡️Take approximately 500g and place this final sample in a Terra Mea bag (to be collected from the depots or the laboratory), or in a moisture-resistant container.

➡️Identify the bag (applicant, estate name, plot name, sampling date) and staple to it the Terra Mea order form (available from the depots or laboratory).

If you are combining a Sol analysis with a 3-Biom analysis, please follow the 3-Biom sampling protocol.