Feeding the agro-ecological transition

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” L.Kelvin

A major innovation for measuring

living organisms in soil





Developed by our R&D department, 3-Biom analysis is a fast, accurate method for measuring living organisms in soil. It uses an innovative, exclusive and patented high-definition cytometry technology to measure fungi, bacteria and protists directly, while distinguishing between active, metabolically inactive and dead living cells.

  • Next-generation flow cytometry
  • Distinguishes between active, dormant and dead cells
  • Direct measurement of fungi, bacteria and protists
  • Unique, patented method ®
  • Fast

Solutions to…


Thanks to our analytical innovations and state-of-the-art laboratory.


Using extensive, exclusive databases on soils and crops.


That is our expertise! With a team of agronomists backed by 50 years of experience.


Highlighting the environmental performance of agro-ecological practices.


A cutting-edge tool at the service of fundamental and applied research, for agro-ecological innovation.

Our ambition

To feed the agro-ecological transition thanks to :

Our conviction that a better understanding of soil health will enable us to help farmers on a daily basis to meet the challenge of adapting to climate change, and to provide a solution by sequestering carbon.

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