Measuring, interpreting, advising to feed the agro-ecological transition

The Group is now stepping up its development by targeting the whole agricultural sector, with the launch of a new innovation company whose mission is to produce soil functioning indicators and criteria to support the agro-ecological transition.

Interpreting and consulting

Du commentaire écrit à l’accompagnement complet, nous vous proposons pour chaque menu un service de conseil individualisé, personnalisé et adapté à votre demande.

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Developed by our R&D department, 3-Biom analysis is a fast, accurate method for measuring living organisms in soil. It uses an innovative, exclusive and patented high-definition cytometry technology to directly measure fungi, bacteria and protists, while distinguishing between active, metabolically inactive and dead living cells.

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Innovative techniques to measure soil balance

The Soil Essential and Soil Expert analyses, based on innovative technologies (FTIR and artificial intelligence), quickly and comprehensively estimate the soil’s potential stock and balance: OM, organic matter fractionation, nitrogen, total limestone, active limestone, CEC, exchangeable cations, trace elements, water pH, pHKCl, and granulometry..

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Assess the state of soil pollution

Les analyses d’écotoxicité permettent d’évaluer l’état de pollution du sol par la mesure des métaux lourds et des résidus phytosanitaires.

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Dynamic monitoring of essential elements assimilation

Vegetal analyses enable dynamic monitoring of the assimilation of essential elements for the crop: macronutrients and trace elements. Thanks to these analyses, agronomic practices and itineraries can be adapted in real time.

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Knowing the composition of inputs

Fertilizer analyses provide information on the composition of these inputs (carbon levels, including organic matter, C/N, macroelements and trace elements), enabling us to adapt the choice of products to the agro-ecological needs of the plots.

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Analyses carried out by Dubernet Laboratories under Cofrac accreditation (accreditation n°1-0207). Details of scope available on