Technology and innovations

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Dubernet laboratory founded

Creation of Laboratoire Dubernet in Narbonne, the basis for the development of the concept of oenological consulting and laboratory analysis.

Ongoing innovations in current analysis and development of fine chemistry.

Field and analytical observations are gradually leading to the development of the concept of agro-oenology, which aims to determine the short-, medium- and long-term oenological value of viticultural gestures, and to lead to more appropriate, global and integrated vineyard management.

From 1974 to 2011


Creation of the SRDV

A subsidiary of Laboratoire Dubernet, specialized in viticulture and agro-oenology analysis and consulting. SRDV combines analytical skills and agronomic expertise in the field to provide agronomic solutions to recurring oenological problems (higher degrees, loss of acidity, loss of productivity, etc.).

Development of physico-chemical soil analysis using infrared.



Innovation 3-Biom

Development of microbiological soil analysis with the 3-Biom innovation, based on a methodology developed in oenology a few years earlier.

Terra Mea

Creation of Terra Mea to bring the group’s innovations to the entire agricultural sector.