The company

Terra Mea is an agro-environmental analysis laboratory specialized in soil health measurement, agronomic diagnosis and agro-ecological consulting.

Matthieu DUBERNET, Président : Ingénieur Agronome de "l'Agro Paris" et titulaire du diplôme national d'Œnologue,
Chairman Laboratoires Dubernet Group

Our ambition

To feed the agro-ecological transition

Our conviction that a better understanding of soil health will enable us to help farmers on a daily basis to meet the challenge of adapting to climate change and to provide a solution by sequestering carbon.

Underestimated for too long, soil life deserves our full attention, based on the founding principles of Terra Mea :

the humility

we all need to deal facing the complexity of living things. The science of soil health is new, and the impact of our actions is still being consolidated, which means we need to continue the scientific work we are doing every day, and to listen to what people have to say.

the innovation

to provide reliable, economical and fast measurement, analysis and advice tools. We need to be able to help farming practices evolve by regularly and easily measuring the impact of the choices made by the farmers.

the desire to adapt

that guides our research and consultancy work. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that can be applied to all sectors or all regions, but rather a tailor-made approach that responds to specific conditions and challenges.

a vision

that we are finally claiming for ourselves. Agroecology deserves to be pursued as a policy of results rather than means, underpinned by scientific data and field experimentation.

Solutions to…


Thanks to our analytical innovations and state-of-the-art laboratory.


Using extensive, exclusive databases on soils and crops.


That is our expertise! With a team of agronomists backed by 50 years of experience.


Highlighting the environmental performance of agro-ecological practices.


A cutting-edge tool at the service of fundamental and applied research, for agro-ecological innovation.


  • Thaddey Nobécourt

    Thaddey Nobécourt

    International & South-West Regional Manager

  • Vincent Frenot Portrait

    Vincent Frenot

    East Regional Manager

    After starting his career as a field technician for a cooperative in Franche-Comté, Vincent has spent most of his career in the field, in contact with farmers. Most of his career has been devoted to developing technical products in the fields of fertilisation and plant nutrition.

    Convinced by the need to make progress in the field of plant and soil nutrition, he believes that an understanding of soil dynamics and its microbiological analysis, are essential to help practices evolve towards ever more effective and profitable technical solutions for our customers.
    He joined us in September 2023 as Head of the Eastern Region.

  • Romain Thumerel

    Technicien en analyse élémentaire

    Romain has a Master’s degree in organismal biology and ecology. He has joined the laboratory in 2023 after several experiences in ecology. He is currently working on characterising soil micro-organisms.

  • Jean-Sébastien Berger

    West Regional Manager

    Jean Sébastien is an agronomist engineer. He began his professional career in agri-environmental consultancy. He then turned to selling seeds and fruit trees. He has a passion for the world of agriculture, and is well aware of the role that farming plays in our regions and in preserving their natural functions.

    Jean-Sébastien is convinced that studying microbial activity is a new key to understanding soil fertility. He has joined Terra Mea in June 2023 to support the development of profitable agro-ecological production models.

  • Yannick Cosperec

    North Regional Manager

    As an agricultural engineer with a degree from Purpan, Yannick has spent most of his career in the field, in contact with farmers.

    After a first experience at the Chamber of Agriculture, where he worked with a large number of farmers on a variety of production systems, Yannick worked as sector manager in a 100% organic cooperative. More recently, he has been working on commercial development projects for an applied research centre, which has given him an interest in the role of agriculture in mitigating climate change by storing carbon in the soil.

    Yannick is convinced that it is through microbiological analysis that farmers will be able to understand their soils better, respect them better and make better use of them. Thus, has joined Terra Mea in the summer of 2023 as the North Regional Manager.

  • Guillaume DESPERRIERES, Directeur Technique

    Guillaume Desperrières


    An agricultural engineer and oenologist by training, Guillaume joined the Dubernet group in 2016 as Managing Director of SRDV, an analysis and consulting structure specializing in viticulture. An expert in agro-ecology, he now puts his skills at the service of the global agricultural sector through Terra Mea.

  • Clotilde ASCHERO, Ingénieur agronome

    Clotilde Aschero

    Agronomic Engineer

    A graduate in agricultural engineering et œnology, Clotilde joined SRDV in 2021 under a professionalization contract. She is now a consultant specializing in viticulture-oenology in the Languedoc region, supporting winegrowers in achieving their production objectives and in their various projects.

  • Aymeric LATURELLE, Ingénieur agronome

    Aymeric Laturelle

    Agricultural Engineer

    An agricultural engineer and oenologist, Aymeric will be joining the Laboratoires Dubernet group in 2021 after gaining experience in wine production in France and abroad. He works with Terra Mea to provide agronomic advice and support farmers in their decision-making process.

  • Matthieu DUBERNET, Président : Ingénieur Agronome de "l'Agro Paris" et titulaire du diplôme national d'Œnologue,

    Matthieu Dubernet


    An agricultural engineer from “Agro Paris” and holder of the national diploma of oenologist, Matthieu heads Europe’s leading group of independent oenology laboratories. A court-registered expert and member of the French delegation to the OIV, he is the originator of numerous innovations, works and scientific publications on agronomic analysis techniques and agro-environmental issues.

  • Olivier ANTONIN, Directeur Général

    Olivier Antonin


    Trained as an agricultural engineer and a farmer in the Garonne valley, Olivier has always been passionate about the world of agriculture. After 28 years in the agro-supply industry, Olivier is convinced that farmers need to move towards more efficient and sustainable production methods, combining productivity and respect for the environment. It was with this in mind that he joined the Terra Mea agro-ecological project.

  • Matthieu CHAZALON, Chef de région Sud-Est

    Matthieu Chazalon

    Technical Manager

    After studying to become an agricultural engineer and oenologist, Matthieu joined the Dubernet group in 2020 for his end-of-studies internship on the subject of plant cover. Then, he evolved in the group as a agro-oenology consultant engineer. He now works for Terra Mea as the South-East Regional Manager.

  • Nindu BARBIER, Responsable Communication

    Nindu Barbier

    Communication Manager

    With a master’s degree in marketing and management, Nindu joined the Laboratoires Dubernet group in 2022 after several experiences in the wine industry. Today, she works on structuring Terra Mea and the company’s communications strategy.

  • Fanny HERNANDEZ, Responsable Laboratoire

    Fanny Hernandez

    Scientific Director

    After completing a PhD thesis on the speciation of Chromium in foodstuffs at Anses (Agence nationale de sécurité sanitaire de l’alimentation, de l’environnement et du travail), Fanny has been in charge of the elemental analysis unit at Dubernet Laboratories since 2017. At Terra Mea, her missions involve developing new analytical tools to better understand the balance and living conditions of soils as part of an agro-ecological approach.

  • Maxime MAGRE, Responsable adjoint de l’unité analyse élémentaire

    Maxime Magre

    Deputy head of the elementary analysis unit

    Maxime joined the group in 2018. With a degree in Biochemistry, he now manages the analysis team and ensures the quality of results.

  • Anne Sophie DELPECH, Technicienne en analyse élémentaire

    Anne-Sophie Delpech

    Elementary analysis technician

    Graduate of a BTS ABM (medical biology analysis). Born into a farming family, Anne-Sophie joined the Group in 2022 to contribute to the agro-ecological transition.

  • Sullivan MATEUS, technicien en analyse élémentaire.

    Sullivan Mateus

    Elementary analysis technician

    Graduating with a DUT GCGP and a degree in eco-technology for depollution, Sullivan joined the group in 2020. In particular, he is in charge of soil microbial community analysis.

  • Julien Grangeon, Technicien de prélèvement et d’analyse élémentaire

    Julien Grangeon

    Sampling and elementary analysis technician

    With a DUT in biological engineering (agronomy option), Julien joined the Group in 2021 in the elementary analysis division.

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Jean-Sébastien BERGER

South-Western France & International


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Vincent Frenot Portrait

Eastern France

Vincent FRENOT

We’re hiring !

Terra Mea is expanding and is always on the lookout for new talent to join its team. To find out about our current vacancies, please follow our publications on LinkedIn or contact us directly by clicking below.

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