Sampling protocol 3-Biom

Established according to the AFNOR NF X31-100 norm

➡️Within the defined sampling zone (5m radius), drill 14 to 16 holes using an auger. For comparative dynamic monitoring, identify the area with GPS coordinates so that the next samples can be taken in the same place.

➡️For each hole, take samples from a depth of 30 cm, eliminating the superficial horizon (deadleaves, grass, etc.).

➡️Then mix the 14 to 16 samples in a bucket to obtain a single sample. Discard any coarse matter (stones, leaves, roots, snail shells, etc.). If these coarse elements make up a large proportion of the sample, identify them and weigh them separately to assess their percentage. Note this percentage on the information sheet.

➡️Take approximately 500g and place this final sample in a Terra Mea bag (to be collected from the depots or the laboratory), or in a moisture-resistant container.

➡️Identify the bag (applicant, estate name, plot name, sampling date) and staple to it the Terra Mea order form (available from the depots or the laboratory).

If you combine the 3-Biom soil analysis with a Sol analysis, a single sample following the above protocol is sufficient.

Find the 3-Biom sampling protocol in pdf format HERE