Vincent Frenot

Vincent Frenot Portrait

After starting his career as a field technician for a cooperative in Franche-Comté, Vincent has spent most of his career in the field, in contact with farmers. Most of his career has been devoted to developing technical products in the fields of fertilisation and plant nutrition. Convinced by the need to make progress in the … Read more

Romain Thumerel

Romain has a Master’s degree in organismal biology and ecology. He has joined the laboratory in 2023 after several experiences in ecology. He is currently working on characterising soil micro-organisms.

Jean-Sébastien Berger

Jean Sébastien is an agronomist engineer. He began his professional career in agri-environmental consultancy. He then turned to selling seeds and fruit trees. He has a passion for the world of agriculture, and is well aware of the role that farming plays in our regions and in preserving their natural functions. Jean-Sébastien is convinced that … Read more

Yannick Cosperec

As an agricultural engineer with a degree from Purpan, Yannick has spent most of his career in the field, in contact with farmers. After a first experience at the Chamber of Agriculture, where he worked with a large number of farmers on a variety of production systems, Yannick worked as sector manager in a 100% … Read more

Guillaume Desperrières

Guillaume DESPERRIERES, Directeur Technique

An agricultural engineer and oenologist by training, Guillaume joined the Dubernet group in 2016 as Managing Director of SRDV, an analysis and consulting structure specializing in viticulture. An expert in agro-ecology, he now puts his skills at the service of the global agricultural sector through Terra Mea.

Clotilde Aschero

Clotilde ASCHERO, Ingénieur agronome

A graduate in agricultural engineering et œnology, Clotilde joined SRDV in 2021 under a professionalization contract. She is now a consultant specializing in viticulture-oenology in the Languedoc region, supporting winegrowers in achieving their production objectives and in their various projects.

Aymeric Laturelle

Aymeric LATURELLE, Ingénieur agronome

An agricultural engineer and oenologist, Aymeric will be joining the Laboratoires Dubernet group in 2021 after gaining experience in wine production in France and abroad. He works with Terra Mea to provide agronomic advice and support farmers in their decision-making process.

Matthieu Dubernet

Matthieu DUBERNET, Président : Ingénieur Agronome de "l'Agro Paris" et titulaire du diplôme national d'Œnologue,

An agricultural engineer from “Agro Paris” and holder of the national diploma of oenologist, Matthieu heads Europe’s leading group of independent oenology laboratories. A court-registered expert and member of the French delegation to the OIV, he is the originator of numerous innovations, works and scientific publications on agronomic analysis techniques and agro-environmental issues.

Olivier Antonin

Olivier ANTONIN, Directeur Général

Trained as an agricultural engineer and a farmer in the Garonne valley, Olivier has always been passionate about the world of agriculture. After 28 years in the agro-supply industry, Olivier is convinced that farmers need to move towards more efficient and sustainable production methods, combining productivity and respect for the environment. It was with this … Read more